Haiti Qualify Thanks To Own Goal in CFU Women’s Cup

After eighty-five minutes of intense nail-biting football, Cuba scored an own goal much to the delight of the Haitians who only needed a goal to separate themselves from Cuba to qualify for the finals of the Caribbean Football Union (CFU) Women's Caribbean Cup.

Playing at the Park Bayas Mirebalais Stadium in Haiti, Dayanai Baro Mesa made the mistake with five minutes to go allowing Haiti to top Group 4 with six points.

Both teams knew from kickoff how important a win was thus resulting in a strategic game of cat and mouse as both looked to attack when the opportunity arose but leaving their backline intact to offset a counter attack.

In the end it was Haiti whose patience paid off and are now heading to the finals in Trinidad and Tobago in two month time, while Cuba waits to see if their performance will allow them to qualify as a leading second placed team.

Haiti now joins the other finalists Antigua & Barbuda, Bermuda and Martinique winners of Group 1, 2 and 3 respectively. Group 5 is scheduled to start on June 18 in host country Dominican Republic when Jamaica and St Lucia will do battle with the host to qualify from this group.