Grenada Football Association makes payment to players and Match Officials

Over EC$80,000.00 to players and a little shy of $5,000.00 to Match Officials was paid out today by the GFA to players, technical staff and match Officials participating in the Pure Grenada Cup at a press conference held at the headquarters of the Grenada Football Association.
The payments reflected the first four round of matches completed in the Pure Grenada Cup. Chairman of the Pure Grenada Cup, Alvin Clouden, speaking to persons present stated this is a positive sign for football in Grenada.
“This is giving the right signal to sponsors and players and by extension the general public who have been supporting the association” stated Clouden.
“ We are fully aware that in its first year a lot will be expensed to make the product a marque sporting event in Grenada and therefore we wanted to get it right” he said
The winner of the tournament will receive $30,000.00 and medals along with the championship trophy. The second place team $20,000.00 and the third place Team $10,000.00.
The Pure Grenada Cup is a first time event for the GFA and will conclude on May 5th at the Kirani James Athletics Stadium.