2013 CFU Women’s U-17 Technical Study Group Report

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II. Players and winning teams. 
III. Statistics. 
a-Result matches (group stage, semifinal and final). 
b-Tables of the teams in the different groups. 
c-most valuable players per game. 
d-scorers list. 
e-statistics teams in the tournament. 
f-alignment changes made by teams in different matches. 
g-Tables of U-15 event in Cayman Islands. 
g-table ranking GET goalkeepers and goalkeeper of the tournament. 
h - Summary Table by Country (goals, cards, outstanding). 
i-most valuable player on each team. 
late j-table statistics (cards, goals, lineup changes, highlighted by teams best player per game). 
k-period time in which the goals were scored. 
l-How the goals were scored? 
m-Who scored the goals? 
-n Where goals are scored? 
IV. General Comments of the most significant aspects of the event. 
V. Analysis Team. 
VI. Conclusions. 
VII. Recommendations.

The Technical Study Group (TSG) was composed of: 
1. Herez Luis Hernandez (Cuba), member of the Executive CONCACAF chief TSG. 
2. Joselyn Seed Specialist. Martinique (CFU Technical Committee). 
3. Francisca Rignal Specialist. Curacao (CFU Technical Committee). 
4. Luis Manuel Hernandez Valdivia (Cuba), TSG Coordinator.

The TSG performed the following functions: 
- technical / tactical and Analysis report every game. 
- Interview of the team coaches by questionnaire. 
- Match statistics collection. 
- Fair Play Team selection for each match and the tournament. 
- Selected MVP of each game and leading teams. 
- Selection of Entry highlight of the tournament. 
- Selecting the All-Star team. 
- Preparation of preliminary and final report of the tournament. 
- Analysis of the performance of all participating players the event. 
- Final analysis of all participating teams technical, tactical and physical.

I. Introduction.

The final of the Under 17 Women of the Caribbean (CFU) tournament was held in the sister Republic of Haiti. The Haitian Football Federation, local authorities, with the CFU and Concacaf support were responsible for organizing this very important for the growth of women's football event in the Caribbean. 
8 teams reached the finals of 13 initially enrolled and were removed at different qualification groups. 
If we analyze that CFU is composed of 31 countries and only participated or signed 13 which means 41.93% podemosdecir categorically that even the women's soccer in our region has no representation necessary to achieve sustained development. 
Among the 8 teams qualified for the final of CFU can say after the tournament ended and perform technical analysis of each meeting, individual and collective assessment of each team, 3 of them (Antigua and Barbuda, Granada, U.S. Virgin Islands) its technical and competitive level were very low, ignorant of the basic elements of football. 
So we can estimate that the initial competitive category U17 añosdel Caribbean area serious limitations of participation and competitive level are presented. 
I which augurs limited in the development of women's football in the coming years CFU future. 
should begin in this region sub organizing tournaments which take 15 years to begin work with girls at younger ages. 
Establish plans development in different federations for this sex.

II. Players and winning teams.

Most Valuable Player: Summer Arjoon (# 8, Trinidad & Tobago)

Top scorer (16). Batcheba Louis (# 17, Haiti).

Best Goalkeeper: Nicolette Craig (# 12, Trinidad & Tobago).

Fair Play Award: Team (Dominican Republic).

Silvio Cator Stadium Game.

All support staff and installation workers ensured the success of the event.

- All-star team:

- Portera: Nicolette Craig (# 12, Trinidad & Tobago.) 
- Central defender: Beaubrun Soveline (# 2, Haiti.) 
- Central defender: Amalla Ellis (# 5, Trinidad & Tobago.) 
- Left Side: Estimate Verlene (# . 5, Haiti) 
- Right Wing: Dorce Fathou Matha (# 20, Haiti.) 
- Central Midfielder: Summer Arjoon (# 8, Trinidad & Tobago) 
- Central Midfielder: Destinvil Kensia (# 10, Haiti.) 
- Left Midfielder: Marjorie Martinez (# 9, Puerto Rico.) 
- Right hand drive: Louis Batcheba (# 7, Haiti.) 
- Front: Zoe Swift (# 9, Trinidad & Tobago.) 
- Front: Ailiyah Nolan (# 10, Bermuda).

III. Statistics.


September 20 
Puerto Rico 7-0 U.S. Virgin I 
Haiti 6-0 Antigua & B.

September 21 
Republica D. 1-3 Bermuda 
Trinidad & T. 10-0 Granada September 22 Antigua & B. 0-5 Puerto Rico Haiti 22-0 U.S. Virgin I.

September 23 
Granada 1-1 Republica D. 
Bermuda 1-0 Trinidad & T

September 24 
U.S.. Virgin I.0 - 3 Antigua & B. 
Haiti 0-2 Puerto Rico

September 25 
Bermuda 2-0 Granada 
Trinidad & T. 5-1 Republica D.


27 Septie 
Puerto Rico 1-1 Trinidad & Tobago 
Extra Time (1-4) 
Bermuda 0-4 Haiti


September 29 
Trinidad & T. 1-0 Haiti 
1st Place 2nd Place 
Puerto Rico 2-0 Bermuda 
3rd Place




Batcheba Louis 15. (# 7 Haiti). 
Isnada 11 Lebrun. (# 16 Haiti). 
6 Zoe Swift. (# 9 Trinidad & Tobago). 
5 Marjorie Martinez. (# 9 Puerto Rico) 
4 Corel Carmichael. (# 15 Trinidad & Tobago). 
4 Fabiola Miranda. (# 11 Puerto Rico). 
3 Rudena Paillere. (# 11 Haiti). 
3 Summer Arjoon. (# 8 Trinidad & Tobago). 
2 Khaline Jacob. (# 12 Trinidad & Tobago). 
2 Chevonne John. (# 14 Trinidad Tobago). 
2 Maya Matouk. (# 17 Trinidad & Tobago). 
2 Jeudy Sherly. (# 9 Haiti). 
2 Monica Ocasio. (# 8 Puerto Rico) 
2 Juliana Templeman. (# 18 Puerto Rico). 
2 Zahra Gibbons. (# 9 Bermuda). 
2 Emely V. Sosa. (# 10 Dominican Repulic). 
2 Sabrina Tonge. (# 7 Antigua & Barbuda) 
1 Hannah Goodwin. (# 6 Antigua & Barbuda) 
1 Deshae Darrel. (# 6 Bermuda) 
1 Aaliyah Nolan. (# 10 Bermuda) 
1 Eva Frazzoni. (# 11 Bermuda). 
1 Leah Smith. (# 15 Bermuda). 
1 Ana J. Taveras. (# 7 Dominican Repulic). 
1 Roneisha Frank. (# 8 Granada). 
1 Estimate Verlene. (# 5 Haiti). 
1 Stephanie Lopez. (# 3 Puerto Rico). 
1 Adriana Shoot. (# 10 Puerto Rico). 
1 Mariana López. (# 16 Puerto Rico). 
1 Naisha Alicea. (# 19 Puerto Rico). 
1 Dennecia Prince. (# 7 Trinidad & Tobago).

e-Statistics of both teams in the tournament.


g. Number of changes in party alignments.

. most valuable team by ranking GET h-Players Comments on the most outstanding player of the event: the GET group was defined by the player Arjoon Summer (T. Tobago) because in higher level matches of the tournament his performance was brilliant Trinidad and Tobago team finally turned out to be champion of the event. i-Porter highlights of the event. NOTE: This classification is based on a combination of objective criteria: 1) - minutes, 2) - goals against, 3) - goals for, 4) - disciplinary measures (yellow / or red cards), 5) - selection as Man of the Match, 6) - Highlighted by party and judgment of specialists Technical Study Group (TSG).

j. Final statistics table (Cards, Goals, alignment changes, leading Team).

k. Period of time where the goals were scored.

l. How are goals scored?

m-Who scored the goals?

n-Where goals are scored?


Level of the teams that participated in the tournament.

Table summary of the assessment of the Group (TSG).

Rating Table: MB = 5 B = 4 Lounge Lounge Lounge M R = 3 = 2 = 1 MM Lounge Lounge

. Tests 
As can be seen the performance of the teams was very different: 
We establish them in 2 levels performance and competitive quality. 
Tier A: Trinidad and Tobago, Haiti, Puerto Rico and Bermuda. 
Tier B: Santo Domingo, Antigua and Barbuda , Granada and U.S. Virgin Island. 
're analyzing women's soccer in the lower category in world events (Under-17) within the Caribbean area. Clearly could estimate that within the event there were two levels of performance and competitive. 
Group (A) higher competitive level comprised 4 teams (Trinidad and Tobago, Haiti, Puerto Rico and Bermuda.) 
Group (B) the difference in quality the first group was marked in all basic aspects of football. This group was composed of (Santo Domingo, U.S. Virgin Island, Antigua and Barbuda and Granada). 
's good to know that in this category of the 31 countries of the Caribbean area only enrolled 13 to participate in the qualifying rounds of the World Championship U17 years. 
teams level (A) showed a higher level of preparation generally in the technical, tactical and coordination of movements in controls and management aspects of the balloon. 
Yet except for Trinidad and Tobago, Haiti and Puerto Rico a marked difference in the technical levels between the same players from the other teams. 
Haiti showed a very similar level of performance and technical skills among all athletes as Trinidad and Tobago. 
Puerto Rico presented a group with good physical and tactically well which allowed him a stable performance throughout the tournament and a player very prominent their captain # 9 Front and organizer. 
Bermuda depended on the skills and strength of very dangerous and dominating player # 10 attacker but lacked good performance group which ultimately determine their tournament results. 
sets the level (B) really can say that preparation levels presented were very low technical, tactical and physical for a final tournament in the Caribbean. 
Dominican Republic their level of physical preparation was poor which contributed to the disruption of the complex and little offensive capability. 
Antigua and Barbuda, Granada and U.S. Virgin Island contributed very little to show by very low yield of football must recognize their participation and willingness on the ground but really are still very technically far from the basic principles of football. 
should work hard at younger ages and for teaching elementary coordination winning football movements. 
event The technical level was generally low, with marked individual differences between them players from different teams. 
(3) teams were assessed well in this regard (Trinidad and Tobago, Haiti and Puerto Rico) of medium 2 (Bermuda and Santo Domingo) and poorly (U.S. Virgin Island, Granada and Antigua and Barbuda) . 
Was there very prominent players individually for it in the (# 9 and 8) event of Trinidad and Tobago, (# 7, # 10, # 2) Haiti (# 9) of Puerto Rico, (# 10) Bermuda. 
was noted limitations in the management and control of Balon, low possession thereof and the serious difficulties of movement coordination as well as in the art of air game (pitching). 
deficient Very different Beatings on Goal and passes. Should be started in this mode (female) education at early ages. 
formations tactics used by most teams were basically the (1-4-4-2) and (1-4-5-1). Centre Variants according to the characteristics of the opposing teams essentially level (A). 
Most teams level (A) used 2 and 3 players on offense thanks to the support of the lateral leaflets and defenses that area. 
Trinidad and Tobago, Haiti and Puerto Rico to the extent that advanced the tournament were gaining tactical fluidity and collective functioning. 
Puerto Rico proved interesting and positive tactical variants depending on the level of their opponents. 
's group (B) showed a trend of overall tactical disorganization in the 2nd time where physical level did not meet the demands of the game. 
Agglomeration of players in the area behind the defense so unproductive and disorganized. Individual attempts to counter without organization and forcefulness. 
overall Lack of tactical principles of soccer. 
Errors in the direction of team due to lack of proper guidance and technical instructions. 
tackle the players change without prior physical preparation (warm). 
was really a tournament of offensive football only had to los16 games made 2 draws. 
In all matches there were notes and the final figure score was 82 for an average of 5 goals per game. 
Teams made a big difference in goals Haiti scored (32), Trinidad and Tobago (20) and Puerto Rico (17). 
Regardless of the difference in level of play with the other opposing these casts showed scoring ability and the top scorers individually. 
marked deficiencies were observed in Beatings to goal average and short distance technical shortcomings. 
Few goals in set pieces and in corners. Low level combinations to attack with serious technical difficulties in schools and finials. 
Individualities some players attack were decisive in the outcome of the teams. 
The basic system used in defense was 4 players in the background with two or a flywheel containment forming a compact block in most middle level teams (A) They had a defensive organization stable throughout the match with good coverage, anticipation and support of the midline to close the midfield. Limitations of the defenses in the passing game balls and discussion of 1 vs 1. 
teams in level (B) the defensive line mostly disorganized as the match wore on and grouped players only disorganized in the area behind defense meet the defensive and very bad in coverage, anticipations and 1 vs 1. 
Lack of physical determined in such disarray around the pitch. 
, this was the weakest in the tournament only 2 team appearance were evaluated well (Puerto Rico and Trinidad and Tobago) 2 Regular (Haiti and Bermuda) and 4 deficiencies. 
Which shows how little basic preparation for selection to participate in the final tournament in the Caribbean.Difficulties in their countries to train, have the conditions and sufficient time to correct basic preparation. 
crucial before any physical appearance and in the case of the determinant football activity. Serious difficulties some teams had to run a professional and pedagogical way heating. 
teams level (A) made with different characteristics and intensity but with at least basic organization. 
teams level (B) actually deficient in most cases, some directionless planned other unmarked means to execute and increasing rate of intensity. 
poor appearance in almost every level teams (B) was not using the heating substitute players entering changes. 
was noted that the heating goalkeepers in several cases unsupervised executed a coach. 
The defining line in football was highly variable in the regular season teams with good direction (Puerto Rico, Trinidad and Tobago and Haiti) (Bermuda and Santo Domingo) poor (U.S. Virgin Island, Antigua and Barbuda and Granada.) 
Most teams level (B) had limitations on this fundamental issue. Lacking personality, professionalism and intelligence to organize, plan and anticipate every situation and maintain a stable organization in the tournament. 
warmups Poor organization and preparation of players change. 
's theme the right direction teams tactics indications inside the game and out of this is a weak area in the Caribbean. 
Lowest level of football in the Caribbean has a direct relationship with the very low level of technical and tactical coaches.

Comments about the actual game time: 
The actual time of the various meetings in the fourth game more real time hits was 9.36 75 minutes to 90, the first time at an average of 25.45 and overall event were played 51.10 was actual playing time. 
however we must say that another important aspect of football as the rhythm and continuity of actions fluently was low. In many cases, the low level of technical and tactical equipment.

The Goals: 
We can see in the table shown below that as in tournaments (male) above, Final Caribbean older UNCAF 2013 Pre World U20 Puebla, Mexico, Pre World U17 Panama and Copa Gold 2013 most goals are scored in the last stage of the game due to problems in the physical condition of the equipment and the devolution of the players in the final minutes of the meetings. He scored 24 goals in this tournament in the last period of time (75 to 90) than the rest of the ¾-entry initial figure. The overall average of 5 goals per partido.La most goals are scored for combinations 22 to 28.83%, the front were the more goals scored with 54 and one 65.88% as many goals will be scored in the largest area 46 . for a 56.10% 
were noted throughout the event 82 goals proving to be as offensive tournament. 
players with ability and eye for goal was observed. 
commentary table lineup changes: 
We can say that the teams got the best places tournament conducted properly and not organized your changes and decreased computer performance to make them. It was noted that smaller teams performance and results made many changes in the initial basic training to use players in different positions affecting the functioning and stability of the team. Improvisation was a widely used aspect. 
Observations on the responses to the technical questionnaire. 
Among the 8 participating teams responded 6. 
• The 6 countries have tournaments in this class at the school level. 
• Time duration of these tournaments is short. 
• Quantity of games played by these players average officially in their country of 6-12 usually encounters. 
• percentages of technical-tactical preparation as mean as dedicated to the preparation of the technical responses from 50% to 70%. Even teams that less technical-tactical level presented. What makes us ask ourselves these coaches know how to work and achieve the proposed objectives? Would not know how to respond to the questionnaire? 
• Time spent preparing teams for tournament tilt between (minimum 1 week and 10 weeks maximum) most of the teams that participated worked between 3 and 4 weeks. Most of the time only on weekends. 
Which proves weak preparation in all orders of multiple selections. 
• Many of the technical specialists were no women's football. 
• Very little financial and material support to the development of women's football in most countries.

V. Analysis Team.


Selection of Antigua and Barbuda present a young team with little competitive domain and lacking the technical and tactical fundamentals experience. Joined the group (A) falling in his first 6 goals to 0 against Haiti team headquarters. In their second game they lost to Puerto Rico by 5 goals to 0 against the weak U.S. Virgin Island team reached their only win by 3 goals to 0.En Total received 11 goals against and only 3 in favor. Ranking in the final standings of the tournament in 5th. Location. This selection must recognize that much juice will and desire to win, but his great technical, tactical and physical showed that still have to redouble their efforts in preparing to participate in the final event of CFU.

Technical Analysis:

• Under single technical and collectively. 
• Very little technical mastery of the basic elements from football. Passing, beatings, Receptions, wires, etc.. 
• lack of coordination in the movement when they receive the ball and very little chance of possession of the ball due to technical limitations.

Physical Analysis:

• Low level of physical preparation did not allow them to maintain a steady pace in every game. In the 2nd time its mobility to attack and defense decreased markedly. 
• The team could not maintain a compact game between lines.

Tactical Analysis:

• Formation 1-4-5-1 basic initial form. After the team was disorganized and really did not maintain an ordered structure. 
• There were variations in their system of play in the tournament. 
• His game was based on disorganized which in the majority of cases long runs were turnovers. 
• The low physical level also contributed to the lack of tactical stability. 
• In the three games that played most of the players did not have a stable position within the initial basic training.

Defensive Analysis:

• Initially en 4 defenders and two flyers containment in midfield. This structure is disorganized to the extent the meeting progressed and were pressured by opponents. Finalized playing in a block of 7 and 8 players defending in the deep line of defense. 
• Weak in discussions and clashes 1 vs 1 as well as in the execution of hedges and anticipations. 
• Very Limited in the art from the pitch before the game air.

Analysis Attacks:

• Very little offensive capability Due to the low technical level not achieve combinations of players allowed. 
• A player isolated on the tip of the attack completely ineffective. Just Scored 3 goals and was very weak team against the U.S. Virgin Island. 
• Total disorganization in their offensive roles showed the weak corner of Antigua and Barbuda. 
• They failed to take possession of the ball.


• Very low physical level showed throughout the event. 
• Serious deficiencies in the offensive and defensive operation. 
• Low individual and shared in the basic principles of football technical level. 
• Lack of rhythm and continuity in game actions. 
• Do not have a defined starting 11, and varied the aliniacion holder positions in their tactics training throughout the tournament.

Outstanding players. 
# 7 Sabrina Tonge. Volante. Scored 2 goals and leading his team in two meetings.

Table summarizing the performance of Antigua and Barbuda in the event.

GP Games Played Total 
Wins Total W 
L Total Games Lost 
A Total Draws 
GF Total Goals Scored 
GA Total Goals Against 
GD Goal Difference 
YC Total Yellow Cards 
RC Total Red Cards


Bermuda's team reached the 4th place of the event thanks to his excellent work in the qualifying group stage where I finished in first place with 3 wins and 9 points. Facing Dominican Republic won by 3 goals to 1 in his first game, defeated in the 2nd game in a big game to Trinidad and Tobago 1 goal to 0 and the final game against the Granada I won by 2 goals to 0.En the semifinals lost by 4 goals to 0 against Haiti. In the discussion for third place fell to Puerto Rico by 2 goals to 0.Su physical level decreased in the final matches and they were key players out.They showed an excellent player # 10 thanks to the strength and level of it made the difference between his opponents in the qualifiers. They left an impression by their will and spirit of victory in every encounter.

Technical Analysis:

• The technical level is variable for team players have very good standard and others that still have serious technical deficiencies. 
• Generally the team had possession of the ball. Conto with a very skilled and with a high level player force for the event, its front center # 10 which determined the results from the team. 
• Technical deficiencies in shots on goal short and medium distances.

Physical Analysis:

• Strong, fast and high Players. 
• could not maintain continuity and tempo throughout the tournament as your fitness level decreased Mainly in matches semi-final and the third place discussion. Where they showed depletion which introduced us in the poor performance of the team.

Tactical Analysis:

• Basic 1-4-5-1 system maintained throughout the tournament. With the intention of grouping players in midfield and use dangerous counterattacks thanks to the level and abilities of its leading the # 10. 
• compact defensive play in the midfield and his tactic is based on the level of two of his players # 8 front wheel and # 10. When both were exhausted in the final games the team completely under performance. 
• The coaching staff use very little change of players during games.

Defensive Analysis:

• Line 4 fenders with two leaflets and labeling Containment Zone. 
• Losing the balloon to attack the team retreated to midfield with the aim of grouping and anti reducer spaces. 
• Presented difficulties in coverage and anticipations .

Analysis Attacks:

• Line 4 fenders with two leaflets and labeling Containment Zone. 
• Losing the balloon to attack the team retreated to midfield with the aim of grouping and anti reducer spaces. 
• Presented difficulties in coverage and anticipations .


• Most of the game a break for 2 players (# 8 and # 10). 
• Low physical level in the final matches. They could not maintain the tempo of the qualifiers. 
• The coaching staff use very few players change to the low physical performance of headlines in the last matches.
• Gaps in coverage and anticipation on defense. 
• Technical limitations in countries moving to attack produced many lost balls. 
• Technical limitations in the beatings to the opposite post short and middle distance.

Featured Players:

# 10. Aaliyah Nolan. Front Player of good technical and physical level. 
# 8. Mary Diana Balbuena Rodriguez. Volante. Good technical level. 
# 1. Micah Pond. Portera performed good work in team defense. 
# 3. K'shaela Burch. Very strong defense in the 1 x 1 and quick.

Summary table of Bermuda's performance at the event. legend TJ Total Time Played for Player Total Goals Scored GA TJA Total yellow cards red cards TJR Total M Total best player per game Total NA lineup changes from D Total matches highlighted by RQ Ranking among all team players GP Total goals allowed by porters


The selection of Granada Complete the group (B) where he made 3 games in this qualifying stage. 
offer in on technical and tactical levels and was the weakest of the group equipment. 
During the first match against Trinidad and Tobago fell by 10 goals to 0 in his second game tied 1-1 against Dominican Republic and then in the third match against Bermuda lost by 2 goals to 0. 
Results With 13 goals against and only 1 in favor. Finally reaching the 7th. Final position of the event. 
Must soccer federation Granada further work in the lower category of women's soccer.

Technical Analysis.

• Presented very low technical level in the football fundamentals individually and collectively. (Conduit turns, Receptions, beatings, etc.). 
• Many bad passes by technical deficiencies. They had no chance of holding the balloon. 
• In the individual technique the player who stood out it was more to # 8 RoneishaFrank.

Physical Analysis.

• Low physical level. This did not allow them to maintain an organized tactically and with continuity and rhythm game.

Tactical Analysis.

• Initial System 1-4-3-2-1. After disarray. 
• The defensive organization is loose with no defined structure. 
• Your initial Tactical System was 1-4-3-2-1 after 15 minutes was not respected and maintained the tactical structure and disorganized. 
• They have no organization defined defensive. It is initiated when the player loses the balloon but so Disorganized.
• The attack is based on the individual actions of the attackers in isolation. 
• They use the changing positions of the players in the same party contributing even more to the disorganization and tactical instability.

Defense Analysis.

• There existed a definite structure which contributed to their disorganization. 
• Not able to play compact between the different lines. Leaving large gaps. 
• Serious deficiencies in coverage and anticipations. 
• Weak in the air and in game 1 vs 1.

Analysis Attack.

• Total disorganization offensive attack functions without a defined structure. 
• Do not dominate the offensive and defensive concepts. 
• The low level of physical preparation determined that their offensive power was deficient. As your technical level.


• Disorganization and little tactical mastery of the basic principles of offensive and defensive performance. 
• Lack of competitive experience showed many players. 
• Very low technical level in the fundamentals of football. 
• Very low level of physical preparation.

Outstanding players.

# 8 RoneishaFrank. Player with physical and technical quality. In another context 
would be a good player.

Summary Granada team's performance in the tournament.

TJ Total Time Played for Player 
Total Goals Scored GA 
TJA Total yellow cards 
red cards TJR Total 
M Total best player per game 
Total NA lineup changes from 
D Total matches highlighted by 
RQ Ranking among all players Team 
GP Total goals allowed by porters


The selection of Haiti country venue presented a very even team among all players regarding technical, tactical and physical performance. 
Very good scorer and possession of the ball thanks to its capacity and mobility support between the lines. 
encounters Only where their contrary presented physical ability and strength experienced (Puerto Rico and Trinidad and Tobago). 
was composed group (A) beating in his first game to Antigua and Barbuda 6 goals to 0 and the weak U.S. Virgin Island team 22-0 and lost to Puerto Rico 2-0. 
Semifinal At convincingly beat Bermuda by 4 goals to 0 and in the end fell into a hotly contested match by 1-0 against the champions Trinidad and Tobago team tournament. 
Haiti finished in 2nd place the event. 
Gusto selection of Haiti for their technical and attacking. Should improve for final CONCACAF physical appearance and order in the field. 
Technical Analysis:

• Good individual and collective technical level with very skilled and fast players. 
• Presented technical difficulties in the air game (Headers). 
• Regardless of the number of goals scored many shots on goal failed for technical deficiencies. 
• Very good technique and dribbling short passes. Deficiencies in the long and medium distance passes. 
• Good combinations rebound. 
Physicist Analysis:

• Physical of his players was short and thin which affected negatively discussions balls. 
• They kept a good tempo and ability to move in different parties. 
• Players very fast.

Tactical Analysis:

• Basic system with stability in their 1-4-4-2 formation in every game. 
• Good possession of the ball and mobility Mainly in midfield. Play with breadth and deep attack on the wing with the arrival of the players # 9 and # 11. 
• Set combinations fast and deep with a leading player in the event log (17) goals the # 7. 
• Your physical level decreased in influencing final matches I have cracks in the compact game between lines.

Defensive Analysis:

• Line 4 in the background with two means of containment well organized. 
• The side fenders # 20 and # 5 strongly supported the attack giving the same total amplitude. 
• Presented serious technical deficiencies in the air game (head) grave error in central defense. 
• Good anticipations and coverage thanks to the speed of their defenses. 
• Sometimes feeling the exhaustion rigor party lines were separated and compact game breaking. The lateral leaflets are kept open when the team loses the balloon allowing the opponents to find spaces in the area. 
Analysis Attacks:

• very clever and fast in attack with excellent management is balon Players category. 
• They like playing out from defense and generating football in midfield. They used the full breadth of the land. 
• fluid Attack on wings to support the lateral defenses mainly to the left. 
• Scored 32 goals in the tournament and had 2 of the best scorers of the event-Squad # 7 scored 15 goals. 
• Regardless of the number of goals scored have technical deficiencies in shots on goal. 

• Very poor technique in the air game (head) Basically defenses. 
• Technical deficiencies in shots on goal short and medium distances. 
• Not close to midfield wingers when the balloon team loses. Forget the compact game. 
• Slight Physical strength in the final matches to discuss the balloons. 
Outstanding players: 
# 7 Louis Batcheba. Front. Skillful player and very opportunistic in the area. 
# 2 Beaubrun Soveline. Center back. Axis of Haitian team defense. Captain. 
# 20 Dorce Fathou Matha. Right. Offense and good defense level. 
# 10 Destinvil Kensia. Volante. Organising team and good individual technique. 
# 5 Estimate Verlene.Defensa Left. Offensive very good support to the attack.

Summary of the performance of the team in Haiti at the event.

TJ Total Time Played for Player 
Total Goals Scored GA 
TJA Total yellow cards 
red cards TJR Total 
M Total best player per game 
Total NA lineup changes from 
D Total matches highlighted by 
RQ Ranking among all players Team 
GP Total goals allowed by porters


Team Puerto Rico was one of the protagonists of the event casts for quality and organization of the game. 
counted with excellent technical management at all levels. From heating to the end of the game with updates and spot orientations. 
Complete This selection group (A) gaining unbeaten with three wins 1st. From U.S. Virgin Island for 7 goals to 0 after victory over Antigua and Barbuda 5-0 and finally defeat the strongest team in Haiti by 2 goals to 0. 
Good organization and smart address physical strength gave these results. 
In the semifinals against team Trinidad and Tobago ended Tied 1 goal 1 in normal time and eventually fall in overtime 4 goals to 1 to give samples of a large depletion in overtime. 
On the third beat Bermuda 2 goals to 0. 
Puerto Rico showed that when there is a collective good technical performance and quality of play can improve.

Technical Analysis:

• Good technical individually and collectively. Always highlight some figures to have senior class as they were # 9 # 6 and # 11. 
• Presented technical limitations when the team is down in the mark opposites. Missed passes. 
• Good technical pitch before the air game. 
• Technical deficiencies in the beatings to counter post short and medium distances. As in the countries of middle distance.

Physical Analysis:

• Good physical level shown in the tournament. Players High and Strong. 
• Except in overtime against the crossing Trinidad and Tobago team showed good physical performance.

Tactical Analysis:

• 1-4-5-1 system well organized and many variants. 
• They used variants according to the level Otherwise, number of attackers and clear partial game results.Incorporating such players attack to 4 and 5. Dialing in the background leading to the contrary with the necessary players. 
• DEFINED feature is the tactical structure changes in different encounters. Sometimes two, three defenders and four. 
• Game organized from the bottom of the defense with a great organizer and terminator player # 9 wheel hitch. 
• They grouped players in midfield where they had good possession and numerical superiority over their opponents.

Defensive Analysis:

• Line 4 defensive players with two ruffles containment one another more defensive and more offensive. 
• They applied very clever variants depending on the level Otherwise the number of attackers and used by them.Using two, three and sometimes 4 fenders. 
• Very good defense, stable and focused organization. 
• Good in the air game (Head). 
• Good coverage and anticipations. Strong in 1 vs 1.

Analysis Attacks:

• They kept a player in tip throughout the match and added the # 9 In second toe also the lateral leaflets were incorporated into the attack. 
• There were parties They used variants 3 and 4 attackers. 
• Presented technical deficiencies in the countries of middle and long distance. Many of these were turnovers. 
• Lacking increasing pace, continuity and force in the attack.


• Decreased physical performance by low in overtime against Trinidad and Tobago. 
• Technical limitations in lostiros a goal. 
• Losses by bad passes balls of middle and long distance. 
Outstanding players: # 9 Marjorie Martinez. Front. Very good technical and skillful level. Captain. # 8 Monica Ocasio. Steering Containment. Organizer. Good technical level. # 11 Fabiola Miranda. Volante. Scorer of the team. Business and dangerous. # 20 Alyssa Rodriguez. Good lateral defense brand 1 x 1 and player with great dedication in games.

Table summarizing the performance of the Puerto Rico team in the tournament.

TJ Total Time Played for Player 
Total Goals Scored GA 
TJA Total yellow cards 
red cards TJR Total 
M Total best player per game 
Total NA lineup changes from 
D Total matches highlighted by 
RQ Ranking among all players Team 
GP Total goals allowed by porters

Dominican Republic

The selection of Dominican Republic Complete the group (B) in which I reached the third in a group of 4 teams. 
From the first meeting we observed a low level of mainly physical preparation for the 2nd time and very few arrivals to the area inconsistent with scoring chances. Which was decisive in their actions only scored 3 goals. They used a single player to rush and did not have the support of the arrival and the attack flyers. 
fell in the first match against Bermuda by 3 goals to 1 in the 2nd set tie 1-1 against the weakest team of Granada and close his performance losing to Trinidad and Tobago by 5 goals to 1. 
summary of his performance was 2 defeats and one draw. With 3 goals for and 9 against. They reached the 6th.Position the tournament was worrying low use rate of the players in the different games. Regardless of observing athletes with great physical exhaustion on the court. This low physical appearance was decisive in the poor results obtained.

Technical Analysis:

• The technical level of the team was generally acceptable with short combinations. 
• Presented good possession of the ball in midfield and defense. 
• Very few combinations in deep attack. 
• Under pressure from opposing countries were losing constantly.

Physical Analysis:

• They presented a very low level of physical preparation which in the 2nd reason. Times the team was disorganized in the core functions of defense and attack. 
• One could observe and analyze the squad's preparation was not the best for a late CFU. 
• The defining aspect of a team's performance was deficient.

Tactical Analysis

• Basic. 1-4-5-1 system unchanged and variants 
• Used in all matches isolated front cross which the balloon was receiving no support from the flyers. 
• They had depth and forcefulness in the attack. 
• Your futbol while it lasted physical level was a football midfield. 
• They grouped players in midfield which gave them possession of the ball in this zone. 
• In the three games several players participated in diferntes positions within their initial training I contribyendo instability tatica team.

Defensive Analysis:

• Line 4 with two flywheels containment organized until the physical level is allowed. After the team was losing its compact form of gambling and aparecian spaces between lines. 
• Good in the air game. 
• Excellent keeper which was determined to be no thrashings. 
• Slow on the toppings and anticipations. 
• Instability Due to changes of positions defenses.

Analysis Attacks:

• Shallow and arrivals blunt goal. 
• Very little use of players to change the difficulty of physically presented. 
• Very low physical level throughout the tournament. 
• Technical limitations in shots on goal. 

. • quality shots Foul attack combinations 
. • They lack a lot of players play in the midfield 
. • Difficulty with physical opponents and increased tempo 
• The team has made little change: a single player per game.

Outstanding players: 
# 10. Emely Sosa. Midfield that starts all your offensive team 
has extensive technical and organizational quality

Table summary of the team's performance in the tournament Dominican Repulic.

TJ Total Time Played for Player 
Total Goals Scored GA 
TJA Total yellow cards 
red cards TJR Total 
M Total best player per game 
Total NA lineup changes from 
D Total matches highlighted by 
RQ Ranking among all players Team 
GP Total goals allowed by porters

Trinidad & Tobago.

Trinidad and Tobago juice in the (B) group composed of 4 teams and it was not the best ever at that stage by losing to Bermuda. Its highly structured organization from warming allowed them to win 2 matches in the qualifiers.His tactical organization rigorous easy to make games and allowed 19 goals and receive 2 against. 
In the semifinals against Puerto Rico determined his superior physical ability and in overtime he scored 3 goals to finally overcome 4 goals to 1. 
The level of tactics, technique and physics all very similar players allowed the preparation of technical players make changes without breaking its original structure and raise the tempo at the end of each game. 
Their style of football makes a difference with teams highlighting the strengths from its organization as individual and collective performance.

They presented interesting players for their individual technical level and conditions for football. The team won the tournament for the tactical and psychological quality. Worthy recipient of the title of champions of the Caribbean.

Technical Analysis:

• Very good fundamentally collective and individual art (with the # 8, # 9, # 5, # 1). 
• They like playing with the ball out from the back. 
• try to reach the opponent's box with controlled ball. 
• Goalkeeper very smart Developed good and save. 
• Accurate in their one-touch passes. 
• highly skilled players in the 1X1. 
• Good technical head in both defense and attack

Physical Analysis:

• Good physical condition, maintained a high tempo throughout the event. Highlighting the match against Puerto Rico in overtime. 
• very high, stronger and faster Players. Strong in the discussion of balls in the air and 1vs1.

Tactical Analysis:


• Tactical key after starting 1-4-4-2 1-4-2-3-1. 
• Team worked tactically well organized. 
• Lacking more possession under pressure from the counter. 
• man did his modifications by man without changing its structure home. 
• They performed rotations as between players and great mobility which helped in the possession of the ball. 
• They use the amplitude of the field with very skilled and fast players. 
• They use long shots to opposite door from distance.

Defensive Analysis:

• Well organized and worked in defense. 
• As you lose compactly formed manage and reduce the opposing spaces. 
• They made pressure on the opposing teams half court with all equipment in a space of 30 meters. 
• Very Strong on the mark. 
• Handled anticipation and coverages. 
⦁ good in the passing game.

Analysis Attacks:

• Very well organized attack game. 
• In half court elaborated plays with good possession of the ball. 
• permanently maintain two players at the top but with the support and constant arrival of the two lateral leaflets. 
• Good midrange shots . 
• Always had amplitude in the attack.


⦁ Side attack defenses very reserved. Little offensive support. 
• Fail many countries in the attack combinations. 
• When receiving otherwise lose pressure passes.

Featured Players:

# 8.Summer Arjoon. Half Champion. Organizer and very intelligent (tournament MVP). 
# 5.Armaya Ellis. Defense Center. Containment. Very clever. 
# 1.Rebecca Ann Almandoz. Portera. Good in saves and address. 
# 9 Zoe Swift. Steering containment. Habil, fast and scoring.

Summary table of the participation of the Trinidad & Tobago team in the tournament.

TJ Total Time Played for Player 
Total Goals Scored GA 
TJA Total yellow cards 
red cards TJR Total 
M Total best player per game 
Total NA lineup changes from 
D Total matches highlighted by 
RQ Ranking among all players Team 
GP Total goals allowed by porters


The team of U.S. Virgin Island was the last occupant of the position of the event. Really the weakest in all Technical, tactical and physical orders. 32 goals were scored and not one. It was only one participant sports team with a lot of unfamiliar shame but the basic fundamental principle of football. They work hard and quality in the lower categories.

Technical Analysis:

• Do not dominate the game collective and individual technical fundamentals 
• Few combinations and no ball. 
• No presents players who excel in handling the ball. 
• Lack of precision passing, receptions without guidance to the next action primarily the air balls, poor command of the non-working leg. 
• Their technicians gestures uncoordinated.

Physical Analysis:

• Very poor physical preparation. 
• No capacity for resistance and strength. 
• I could not maintain mobility throughout the match. 
Tactical Analysis:

• 1-4-5-1 formation for the initial 5 minutes totally disorganized

• They ignore the basic elements of offensive and defensive performance. 
• They played so empirical. 
• Poor direction of the team and organizational level warmups and quality thereof. 
• This equipment is present at the tournament with only 14 athletes.

Defensive Analysis:

• They raised a zone defense with delayed main resistance line formed by 4 players. 
• They used online 5 on some occasions but could never stop opposing attacks. Finalized gathering players (8 and 9) in the defense specific tasks. 
• Innocents in the brand and in hand to hand duels. 
• Ineffective in defending corner kicks and free kicks. 
• Le easily earn back, both plants and up the sides. 
• No dominate defensive principles. 
• Received 32 goals against in just 3 games.

Analysis Attacks:

• No set up or present arguments to create a hazard in the penalty area. 
• Unable to develop organized attacks. 
• Only he just send long balls, sometimes without good guidance, his only advance player. 
• lacked depth in attack as even accompanied him long passes that carried his center forward. 
• No offensive domain principles.


• Virtually all aspects of the game, a team that is not worked with many shortcomings in the tactical and technical nature with limited shows. 
• Address poor equipment, warm-ups without the required quality and alternates even entered heat to enter the game. 
• They must provide a stable, continuous and lasting work in technical education by girls with this brother country.

Featured Players:

• No player selection is highlighted at the event.

Summary table of team participation Virgin Islands Us. At the tournament.

TJ Total Time Played for Player 
Total Goals Scored GA 
TJA Total yellow cards 
red cards TJR Total 
M Total best player per game 
Total NA lineup changes from 
D Total matches highlighted by 
RQ Ranking among all players Team 
GP Total goals allowed by porters


 The fact make this event in the neighboring country of Haiti is an act of solidarity and joy for the Haitian people. 
 Well organized generally by Haitian soccer federation, CFU and CONCACAF. 
 Very little participation of countries Caribbean (CFU) enrolled in the qualifying stages (13) of 31 that comprise 
 Participation of young referees in the development and direction of their first responsibilities at an international event. 
 The level and little preparation time prior to the event several choices in their respective countries. 
 The marked difference between the different competitive level participating countries. 
 Reduced classification capabilities of a larger number of countries to the final stage of CONCACAF Caribbean.Solo (3) and in this event only classified in Haiti (2). 
 was observed and clearly proved the technical differences, tactics and leadership among the participating countries. 
 The low level of preparation of several technicians to run correctly forms a team in an international event. 
 The clear differentiation in two ranges of football performance level among all the participating countries. 
 The tournament was an offensive event by the number of goals scored and forms of gambling and thanks also to the gap between the brackets . 
 It was observed inadequacies techniques, tactics and lack of concentration at this age significantly as a marked feature in the countries of the Caribbean region. 
 The tactical, organizational discipline and lack of play in the fulfillment of the different functions was one of the weakest aspects of most teams. 
 Use in most of the participating teams change players positions in different parties which marked the occasion tactical changes in the starting lineup of the start of the tournament . 
 Low physical level of several teams that could not keep an organization playing for this weakness. 
 The preparation of the players little change when entering the field.

VII. Recommendations.

 Achieving the designation of a number of top ranked teams in the Caribbean women's soccer for the final phase of CONCACAF. 
 Start teaching of women's soccer at an early age (8-10 years) to achieve basic skills and coordination of movements. Achieving coordination working with primary schools in different countries. 
 Achieve stably carry a female sub event 15 years in the area of the Caribbean and Concacaf seeking the participation of all countries in the region 
 Enforce year to the event mandatorily earmark a sum of project financing in CONCACAF win for the preparation and participation of their U 15 Fem. 
 Prioritize technical work in primary education. Develop coordination and motivation to use games in the early ages. 
 Develop national-level federations a basic program of development of women's football in primary schools. These plans must be supervised by technical and development of each country and controlled techniques CFU and Concacaf commission director. 
 Provide priority and continue to develop training programs for trainers and licenses the area in females. 
 Provide enough attention to the area of the archers in teaching and preparing young specialists as teachers in that position. 
 Develop training programs for specialists in the area of women's specific fitness football. 
 From observations and the deficiencies are recommended in preparing teams in this age marked by a greater percent of the preparation devote to technical education and daily work in contact with the ball. 
 It was observed in the responses of more technical questionnaire and determined emphasis on technical education, but in reality was the weakest aspect of the event. It is said but not working. 
 recommend at these ages do work organization and tactical discipline Basic knowledge of functions of each position and player on the pitch. 
 Draw up a free training program for women's football in these categories from observations made at the event.Which are our realities, strengths and weaknesses. 
 It should work deep into narrow differences in the order of football development and professional operation of the technical groups in women's soccer among the different Caribbean countries. 
 Assess and consider training on the most significant deficiencies and basics of preparing the technical directors of the participants in the events of CFU before starting these prior preparation stage of computers. After the end of the tournament evaluate and deliver course certification according to the level shown by the technician. Thus if it is real and productive continuity, and monitoring improvement in CONCACAF and CFU. 
 Continue to provide significant support to the development and progression of women's football in CFU in school and youth ages. 
 Achieve to give technical monitoring and competitive categories to work with these teams and countries participating in this event and the rest of the Caribbean countries.

Members of the technical study group (TSG) in the sub-17 tournament, Haiti 2013.

Mr. Luis Hernandez Herez. 
AFC President. 
executive committee member of CONCACAF. 
Chief Technical Study Group GET CONCACAF.