The President’s Message

Dear Football Fraternity,

The Caribbean Football Union, which has a membership of 31 countries among which four languages – English, Dutch, French and Spanish – are spoken, is galvanized by our commitment to football. In this regard, we speak the same languageCFU Interim President Randolph Harris and with the same voice.

Our raison d'être is football, be it administration, competitions or development. The CFU is the official governing body for the sport in the Caribbean, and we respect our mandate.

At present, the CFU is undergoing transformation. This process is customary for any entity that has been around for a long time. For the CFU, this is necessary, not just given our age, 40, but also due to the newly initiated ONE CONCACAF program.

We will emerge from this football metamorphosis with the practices and policies that have served us well remaining intact. We will marry these to our new strategic vision, which is being finalized.

We cherish our past success and embrace the future with confidence and optimism.

Randolph Harris